“It started way back, in history…”

Between collecting Garbage Pail Kids, having candy buffets with my other meaty friends, and drawing flat “South Park” style comics based on my family and their weird habits, my unique sense of style and passion for creativity has been evident since I was a kid. “You’re just like your uncle; you should become an artist,” were words my relatives continually communicated to me time and time again, and they’ve stayed with me throughout my life.

Flash forward 30 years and I’ve kept my Garbage Pail Kids in immaculate condition. Five fillings and two root canals later (I was serious about those candy buffets), and my desire to be a comic illustrator is still alive. Art has always been pure joy for me, achieving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design at The University of Memphis. I moved to Las Vegas soon afterward, but struggled through the employment challenges that everyone faced after 9-11. Persevering, I eventually became the lead graphic designer for Vegas’s largest renowned magazine publication, What’s On Magazine. I was also featured in the publication Graphic Design USA, and my design work was displayed in the 2006 Addy Awards and won Ad Flair’s first place for the Downtown Las Vegas logo design competition.

My phenomenal design skills attracted people’s attention and soon enough I was freelancing for an array of clients, from motorcycle companies to accounting firms, home builders, entertainment businesses, churches, apparel companies and the list goes on. I’ve been a freelance designer for over 12 years and I currently hold an Art Director position at Passion Parties, Inc. full time. Away from the office I dream about my ’77 Pontiac Firebird, I’m a music dj, a comic strip illustrator and an apparel designer for my other business, Frank and Beanz, fashion for dogs. But now and then, you might still find me hosting a candy buffet or two… just please don’t tell my dentist.